Herber-tech Gadget
Herber-tech Gadget icon
Template-info InformationTemplate-info
Available Yes
Type Hand extras Item
Cost Free
ID 234
Internal name herberTechGadget

The Herber-tech Gadget is a unique hand extras item in Club Penguin Island. Members can obtain this item by completing the "System Defender" adventure.


Obtained by Available from Available until
Complete "System Defender" adventure April 12, 2017 Still available


  • Although it cannot be customized, it has an unused Clothing Customizer description, which is "State of the art thingamajig for evil geniuses".

Names in other languages

PortugueseAparato de Tecnologia HerbertA última palavra em apetrechos para gênios do mal.
FrenchGadget d'HerbertUn bidule dernier cri pour les génies malfaisants.
SpanishInvento HerbertecnológicoChisme de última generación para genios malvados.

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