Halloween Party 2012 Hallway

Where Haunted Mansion
Opened October 18, 2012
Closed November 1, 2012
Mini-games None
Room ID 854
Tour Description
Here we have a hallway
This might look like your run of the mill, ordinary hallway...
...but it is said to be haunted with hallway ghosts...
...which are ten times scarier than garden ghosts...
...but not half as scary as kitchen ghosts!

The Hallway was a party room for the Halloween Party 2012. It's part of the Haunted Mansion. The path on the top-right corner leads to the Mansion Attic. The two paths on the front lead to the Cellar. The path on the right leads to the Dining Room. The path on the left leads to the Graveyard, and the path on the back leads to the Ghost Lab, but can only be seen using the Ghost Goggles.


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