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Halloween Party 2012
Halloween Party 2012 Logo

Members only No
When October 18, 2012 - November 1, 2012
Free Item(s) Ghost Goggles
Ghost Costume
Ghostamatron Background
Gary's Giveaway
Where Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Gary the Gadget Guy

The Halloween Party 2012 was a party that occurred from October 18 to November 1, 2012. It was confirmed by Polo Field on his Twitter account. Everyone could hunt for ghosts on the island, and members could become ghosts by stepping into Gariwald VIII's invention, the Ghostamatron. In the Haunted Mansion, players need to find the Five Spooky-Keys that can unlock the Ghost Goggles to enter the Ghost Lab. The Dark Chamber and Haunted House were removed because Gariwald VIII's mansion is in the Forest, the same location.

Free Items

Image Item Location Members only?
Ghost Goggles Icon 2083 Ghost Goggles Foyer No
Ghost Costume Ghost Costume Items For Everyone Catalog (Halloween Party 2012) No
Clothing Icons 9167 Ghostamatron Background Entering the Ghost Lab No
Clothing Icons 9168 Gary's Halloween Giveaway 2012 Meeting Gary and clicking on his giveaway No
Ectoplasmic Pit Ectoplasmic Pit To Boo List Yes
Headstone Headstone To Boo List Yes
Furniture Icons 902 Vampire Throne To Boo List Yes

Description of party

Hunt for ghosts at Club Penguin's Halloween Party! (Oct. 18 – 30)

Do you dare? During Club Penguin's Halloween Party, everyone can hunt for ghosts and members can become ghosts and haunt the island!

Dress up in brand new creepy costumes, trick-or-treat with friends, and enter the haunted mansion. Inside, explore and collect five spooky keys that unlock Ghost Goggles and light the way to a secret Ghost Lab.

Both members and non-members can find a special ghost-hunting suit! Plus, paid members can step into the Ghostamatron machine to become ghosts!


Gary the Gadget Guy discovers his long lost uncle's mansion has appeared in the forest, and he wants us to help find his great uncle, Gariwald.

He puts posters in almost every room, attracting many penguins. While the party is going on, the poster says: Enter the Mansion

My Great Uncle Gariwald went missing a long time ago.

Now his mysterious mansion has appeared out of thin air.

Help me solve this mystery... If you dare!

-Gary the Gadget Guy

Gary leads ghost hunters into the mansion. They discover the Ghost Lab and Gariwald VIII as a ghost. Gary discovers that his great uncle Gariwald didn't pass away and become a ghost, but became a ghost on purpose, using his Ghostamatron to transform him into one. That then led to penguins to believe Gariwald was deceased, and so declared him as dead. With nobody working at his Mansion, and Gariwald being invisible to penguins without the Ghost Goggles, It had been deemed haunted.



Screenshot 414343434
A glitch that can be done by going into the Ghostamatron.
Pantherxx13Added by Pantherxx13
A glitch showing no transparency while being a ghost.
JeseratorAdded by Jeserator
  • When a Penguin comes out of the Ghostamatron, the blue circle will appear around him/her for a moment.
  • When you're in penguin mode and you wear a dance item, some penguins then dance in the Ghostamatron and then will be doing the dance while moving and be wearing nothing.
  • There was a glitch where you couldn't add Gary.
  • At the party if you were blue, and became a ghost, if you started dancing before the page finished loading by pressing 'D' you would turn non-transparent and old blue as a ghost.


  • It's the 8th Halloween Party in Club Penguin.
  • This was the second time two parties occurred at the same time due to the fact the 7th Anniversary Party was on October 24, in the middle of the Halloween Party.
  • Members could enter the Ghostamatron and turn into Ghosts, it was rumored to be an Item. however, this was proven false. It is also similar to the way members could become puffles like at the Puffle Party 2012.
  • Before the party, it was confirmed by Polo Field, that penguins would try to search for Gariwald VIII, Gary's great uncle, in the Haunted Mansion.
  • This was the first Halloween Party where you can transform into a ghost.
  • Both Members and Non-Members could hunt for ghosts, but only members could become ghosts via a machine called the Ghostamatron.
  • This is the second time that non-members could buy items from a catalog.
  • When you danced as a ghost, you could be seen with fingers.
  • A Unicorn Puffle statue is in the Cellar.


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