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Halloween Party 2011
Halloween Party 2012 Logo

Members only No
When October 20, 2011 - November 3, 2011
Free Item(s) Ghost Costume,
Candy Ghost BG,
Gary's Background,

Swamp Monster.

Where Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Gary the Gadget Guy

The Halloween Party 2011 was a party that occurred on Club Penguin. It started on October 20 and ended on November 3, 2011. It is the seventh Halloween Party. There was a new party room called the Monster Catcher HQ, and the Dark Chamber returned with a new maze, and the Haunted House and the Secret Lab has returned as well, but it was for everyone this time. Gary can be spotted where you can get his background and stamp. There was a new candy Scavenger Hunt, also for the first time on Club Penguin, the party has been released before the 6th Anniversary Party on Club Penguin which means the Anniversary party was a part of Halloween so all penguins enjoyed both the Anniversary Party and Halloween at the same time.


Free Items

Image Name Where found Members only?
Ghost Costume Ghost Costume Haunted House No
CGBG2 Candy Ghost BG Scavenger Hunt No
New Gary Giveaway I New Gary Giveaway Meeting Gary No
Clothing Icons 6090 Swamp Monster Dark Chamber Yes


  • This was the first party where you could add a mascot to your buddy list.
  • For some reason a lot of accounts got reset on Club Penguin during the Halloween Party. Many penguins lost their items.
  • The new Pet Shop was decorated 2 times during this party, first time was during the first week and the second time was when the game Pufflescape was under construction.
  • This was the first Halloween Party to be more than one week long.
  • A new DJ3K disc was released permanently during this party and it was called "Monster Muzak".




Gary Spotted



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