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New HQ command

Where Next to the Sport Shop; only Secret Agents can enter by entering through the first changing room or by the Spy Phone.
Opened August 22, 2005
(Beta Testing only)
October 24, 2005
Renovated March 29, 2006
Closed May 27, 2010
Mini-Games Mancala (formerly)
PSA Secret Missions (formerly)
Room ID 803
Tour Description
Popcorn Explosion: "Whoa! What happened in here? It looks like a popcorn tornado hit the HQ, I think we should report it immediately!"
This article is about the room that was formerly next to the Sport Shop. For other agent rooms, see HQ (disambiguation).

The HQ was a room in Club Penguin that was used as the headquarters for the Penguin Secret Agency. For a long time it could be accessed only by Secret Agents. Secret Missions could be played here. The HQ had a small catalog, called The F.I.S.H, which contained information about Secret Agents and agent items that players could buy such as the Night Vision Goggles. The room was accessible to secret agents and ordinary players alike after it was destroyed during the Popcorn Explosion. It was later closed after the Sport Shop had been replaced with the Everyday Phoning Facility.


  • When the PSA Headquarters was first constructed, it was only a small, empty room in which only contained a door, a wall television and a board. Later, penguins helped expand it. You could have access to almost any room in Club Penguin by clicking on a screen. Furthermore, when the Cove and Forest were added in Club Penguin, three new TVs were added. When The Stage opened, an image of the room was added to the blank screen. Almost a year later, an additional screen was added for the new Dojo Courtyard. Before the destruction, the HQ contained 26 monitors. It also had a blank screen. On May 18, 2010 the HQ was destroyed by a Popcorn Bomb. Although the room still exists, it cannot be accessed in Club Penguin. You can only access it through trainers such as Penguin Storm.

VR Room

Although the HQ was removed, on June 10, 2010 it became usable via the VR Room. The VR Room replicated the HQ as it appeared in 2005, 2007, and 2010. The PSA Missions can also be accessed here. However, the room is just a hologram, and features of the old HQs are not usable. (For example, clicking on the HQ 2007 monitors will not teleport you.) The VR Room's primary purpose is to remind penguins of the PSA. It should be noted that the PSA was not terminated all together, PSA merged with the EPF. Some penguins miss the PSA HQ, the missions, and the PSA in general. The logical reasoning behind this is because no one saw the Popcorn Explosion coming, and everything occurred very fast.


  • The HQ was expanded and remodeled on March 29, 2006.
  • The last edition of the HQ had 26 monitors, but The F.I.S.H. stated there were only 21 monitors. It may have been referring to the earlier editions of the HQ.
  • For a year after the Popcorn Explosion, an address could be used to get in to the now destroyed HQ. However, it no longer works as the SWF file for the HQ was deleted around the time of the Battle of Doom.
  • In November 2005, Club Penguin added a Mancala table in the HQ for secret agents to play, however, it was removed in February 2006.
  • Before the passage to the HQ was added in the Sport Shop in March 2006, you could only access the HQ by pressing 'Visit HQ' on the Spy Phone.
  • It was the first room in Club Penguin to ever be renovated.


  • The first time the HQ was decorated was for the Christmas Party 2008.
  • The second and last time the HQ was decorated was for the Holiday Party 2009.
    • Therefore, the Headquarters was only decorated for two holiday parties.


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