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On each level of Aqua Grabber, there is a large sea creature which defends a valuable treasure. They are commonly known as the Guardian of that level.

There are currently two:

  • The Giant Clam - Protects the Grand Pearl in Clam Waters, and players can only retrieve it by picking up the pearl-shaped rock and dropping it on the clam's tongue and taking the real Grand Pearl. If you don't replace the Grand Pearl with the pearl-shaped rock, the clam will suck you in, then spit you out with only a little air remaining in your submarine.
  • Puffer Fish - Protects the Amethyst in Soda Seas, and inflates itself to become a large obstacle. Two permanently inflated puffer fish orbit him, and he breathes in and out to create a whirlpool effect that sucks in the Aqua Grabber.

There is also a Guardian in the Stage play, Secrets of the Bamboo Forest.