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Full Name Grumpunzel
Species Penguin
Gender Female
Position Princess
Appeared Fairy Fables
Color Peach
Clothes Items Beautiful Braid
Grumpunzel's Dress
Related To N/A
Friends With Prince Redhood
Meetable Character? No

Grumpunzel is a grumpy princess in the Stage play Fairy Fables in Club Penguin. She is a peach penguin wearing the Beautiful Braid and a dress. In Fairy Fables she plays as a Princess sitting in a tower waiting for the croissants to be delivered by Prince Redhood. When the Prince reaches her, she is found in a trance. Once the Prince throws a snowball at her, she no longer is in the trance. She gets mad at the prince. Even angrier when she hears that the prince brought her croissants. The princess tells the prince that she asked for cookies, so Twee puts her back into the trance. The prince then gives the croissants to the Big Bad Wool.


"Probably the grumpiest princess you've ever met. This diva has really long hair and a really short temper."


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