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Great Snow Race
The Great Snow Race Logo

Members only? No
When August 25—31, 2011
Free Item(s) Infrared Tracker
Alpine Helmet
Expedition Key Pin
AC 3000 Pin
Location Town, Ski Village, Ski Hill, Plaza, Supply Camp, Ice Race Cavern, Base Camp , Mountain, Ice Cave, Mountain Top, Laser Mazes, Classified Area, Toughest Mountain
Mascot(s) None

Were you looking for The Great Snow Maze?

The Great Snow Race was a party that took place from August 25 to August 31, 2011. It was first confirmed in a parent email newsletter along with the information about the new System Defender level.[1] Construction began on August 18. The Toughest Mountain from the Mountain Expedition returned for the Great Snow Race, except everyone could access it. Operation: Hibernation took place during this party. Players could earn the AC 3000 Pin for defeating Herbert. Three new party-exclusive stamps were also introduced for the Great Snow Race: the Snowboarder stamp, the Mountaineer stamp, and the Stunt Penguin stamp.

Free Items

Image Item Location Members only?
1292 icon Alpine Helmet Mountain Top No
Clothing Icons 1294 Infrared Tracker Ice Cave No
EKPin Expedition Key Pin Second Laser Maze No
ThaAC3000Pin AC 3000 Pin Classified Area No


Here is an excerpt from the parent newsletter about the party, from Club Penguin:

" Penguins love parties and the one coming August 25 has more than a few surprises. We can't give away all the secrets, but we WILL say that a lot of agents will be required... Let your child know they can get ready to race by practicing at the Ski Hill!" A few things include a laser maze, lots of interactive items, and the free item. Happy77 posted a sneak peek where you can find that in the Top of the Mountain there would be a free item: the Alpine Helmet.[2] This item was available to all players.


  • Herbert was put into Hibernation and then sealed away in his lair.
  • This was the first and only Snow Race in Club Penguin so far.
  • The Great Snow Race was actually a mission to set an operation to capture Herbert P. Bear.
  • It is the second party to be celebrated in the Ski Village alone, the first being the Mountain Expedition.
  • It is unknown how Herbert retrieved his drill after it was deactivated when the gear was stolen.



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