Halloween Party 2012 Graveyard

Where Haunted Mansion
Opened October 18, 2012
Closed November 1, 2012
Mini-games None
Room ID 857
Tour Description
Here we have the graveyard
I wonder if this place is just for decoration...
...after all, what would a haunted mansion be without one?
It would just be a regular mansion...
...and that's not even a little scary
Mind the zombies!

The Graveyard was a party room for the Halloween Party 2012. It was part of the Haunted Mansion. The second of the Five Spooky-Keys was located in the tomb at the top right. The path at the bottom left leads to the Cellar. The small steps at the bottom right also lead to the Cellar. The door at the top right leads back into the mansion, to the Hallway.

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