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Gotta Get The Gotcha!
Club Penguin - Gotta Get The Gotcha (From "Club Penguin Halloween Panic")01:27

Club Penguin - Gotta Get The Gotcha (From "Club Penguin Halloween Panic")

Artist Polter-Gus and Blizzard
Released October 25, 2015
Genre Funk
Runtime 1:27

Gotta Get The Gotcha! is a song in Club Penguin: Halloween Panic!.


What I'm about to teach ya is the art of trick. From the sneakiest of sneaky to the slickest of slick. Ya gotta have brains and ya gotta be quick To be the boss of double-crossing and the hoodwinks shtick! It's All About The Gotcha! The trade of the tricks? Just if I could watch ya! It's starting to click! Listen what I taught ya about making deception an art! Gotta Get That Gotcha! I get it, I gotcha, be sneaky and slick! The double-cross secret sauce makes the trick stick! That's it, kid, you're catchin' on quick! Ya get over on the getter, gotta double-stick the trick! And the flim-flam's gonna be better! Baiting and switching together! To be the greatest prankster in history, ya just gotta follow my lead! It's All About The Gotcha! And the flim-flam's gonna be better, baiting and switching together. You'll be the greatest prankster in history! If ya just listen to me! Here's the real deal, the cream of the crop. The prank of all pranks, and the top of the top. If ya wanna wear the crown of the tricking king Ya gotta muscle-up and do this one last thing. Go ahead, name it, I've been bit by the bug! It's time to pull the Petrified Pumpkin Plug!


Gonna Be Epic Gotta Get The Gotcha! None

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