Golden Nuggets
Gold Nugget
Is it seen right now? Yes
Type Nugget, Rock
Party All since November 14, 2013
Where? Club Penguin Island

Golden Nuggets are special rocks made from gold that Puffles can dig. It was found in the Gold Mine in November 14, 2013 leading to the Quest for the Gold Puffle. It is used to power up the golden jackhammer, so that it had the energy needed to dig for a Gold Puffle.

How To Earn

If you are a member, feed your Puffle a Golden O' Berry and walk it around. They will dig Golden Nuggets. If you have 15 Golden Nuggets put them in the golden jackhammer and you will get a Golden Puffle.


  • It could be seen in the upper wall of the Gold Mine. It will explain why your puffle has to dig for them. Miners are possibly excavating them, hence the giant drill.