Giant Clam

The Giant Clam, as seen in Aqua Grabber

Full Name Giant Clam
Species Clam
Position Guardian of Giant Pearl
Appeared Aqua Grabber
Sushi Drop
Color Blue
Clothes Items None
Related To Clams
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? Yes (in Aqua Grabber)

The Giant Clam about to release an Aqua Grabber 3000 out of its mouth

The Giant Clam is the biggest clam known to penguins and a member of the Guardian duo, along with the Giant Puffer Fish in the game Aqua Grabber.

It appears in Aqua Grabber as the keeper of the Grand Pearl in Clam Waters, a valuable object that is needed to pass that level. If the player grabs the Grand Pearl, the Giant Clam would suck the player's penguin in, then sneeze the player's penguin out to the possible destruction of the Aqua Grabber 3000 if their submarine ran out of air. The only way to steal its pearl is to drop a "pearl-shaped rock" into its mouth; then steal the Grand Pearl.


  • The Giant Clam can create an unlimited amount of Grand Pearls. Maybe this is just because penguins keep dropping rocks into it. The reason why Clams create pearls is because of tiny rocks irritating them, the clams cover them with a substance called Nacre, the process of making a pearl takes years. It is unknown how the Giant Clam makes pearls so fast.
  • It also appears in the game Sushi Drop in the Club Penguin App. If a piece of sushi falls into its mouth, it will give you 500 coins.

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