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The Ghostamatron is an invention created by Gariwald VIII, Gary the Gadget Guy's great uncle. This was seen during the Halloween Party 2012, located in the Ghost Lab. When a penguin enters into the Ghostmatron they will turn into a ghost. The Ghostamatron is only for members.


  • Just after a penguin becomes a Ghost, there will be a blue circle around the player. However, it vanishes when the player moves.
  • Sometimes when you do the Scary Dance, you can see your clothes, as a regular penguin.
  • If you are blue, and you turn into a ghost, you will turn Old Blue.
  • If you wear a Propeller Cap and walk into the Ghostmatron and press D when you come out you can fly while walking. This glitch worked for all Special Dances. Therefore a lot of penguins experimented using "ghostly" special dances.



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