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Ghost of Tomorrow
Ghost of tomorow

Full Name The Ghost of Tomorrow
Species Ghost/Penguin
Gender Male
Position  ?
Appeared The book A Humbug Holiday and the stage play A Humbug Holiday
Color Orange
Clothes Items Ghost of Tomorrow
Related To  ?
Friends With The Ghost of Yesterday, Humbug, and the Ghost of Today.
Meetable Character? No

Ghost of Tomorrow is a character in the stage play, A Humbug Holiday. As his name suggests, his character is a ghost. Other characters in the same play are the: Ghost of Yesterday, Ghost of Today and Humbug.


In the play, the Ghost of Tomorrow was first heard yelling 'fruitcaaaaake'. When Humbug asks if he is to foresee his future, the Ghost of Tomorrow replies that he foresees disappointment and grabs Humbug's fruitcake, leaving the latter scowling.

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