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This article is a list of all games in Club Penguin. For a more detailed list, see this page.

List of Games

Room Game(s)
Ski Hill Sled Racing
Ski Lodge Find Four, Ice Fishing
Lodge Attic Find Four
Beacon Jet Pack Adventure
Dock Hydro Hopper
Coffee Shop Bean Counters, Smoothie Smash
Book Room Mancala
Dance Club SoundStudio, Dance Contest
Arcade Astro Barrier, Thin Ice, Bits and Bolts
Pizza Parlor Pizzatron 3000
Pet Shop Puffle Launch, Pufflescape
Puffle Park Puffle Roundup
Cove Catchin' Waves
Mine Cart Surfer, Puffle Rescue
EPF Command Room System Defender, Spy Drills
Iceberg Aqua Grabber
Dojo Card-Jitsu
Fire Dojo Card-Jitsu Fire
Water Dojo Card-Jitsu Water
Snow Dojo Card-Jitsu Snow
Captain's Quarters Treasure Hunt

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