Future Party Catalog
Future Party Catalog 2014 icon

Date released May 22, 2014
Available? No
Update frequency None
Items sold Clothing
Where found Club Penguin Island in 4014

The Future Party Catalog was a party catalog in Club Penguin. It was available around the Club Penguin Island of 2014 during the Future Party. The currency used for purchasing items from this catalog was Meteor Points.


Image Item Price Member Available from
Space Cadet Jetpack icon
Space Cadet Jetpack Free No May 22, 2014
Clothing Icons 5442
Bubble Ray Gun 100
Clothing Icons 1869
Final Frontier Helmet 100
Asteroid Head 150
Zaryax VI Hat 150
Planet Zeta  Costume 350 Yes
Final Frontier Suit 250
Asteroid Costume 500
UFO Costume 850
Clothing Icons 5443
Cybernetic Arm 150 No May 26, 2014
Clothing Icons 1868
The Transmitter 100
Cyborg Hat 100
Star Out Costume
‎Star Out Costume 250 Yes
Planet Costume
Planet Costume 300
We Come in Peace Costume
We Come in Peace Costume 350
Protobot Helmet Free[1] No May 29, 2014
Protobot Costume icon
Protobot Costume Free[1] Yes


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Sources and References

  1. 1.0 1.1 This item was available for free after defeating Protobot.

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