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Furniture items are objects than can be placed in igloos, which are a penguin's home. There are wall, floor, and room furniture items. Non-members cannot purchase any furniture items, or open their furniture storage, but as of July 26, 2012, they are given six free pieces of furniture, but still cannot buy more or upgrade. Furniture can be rearranged into any pattern that the owner wishes (as long as the igloo isn't full.) An igloo can contain up to 99 furniture items.

Furniture is accessed by buying them through the Furniture & Igloo Catalog (usually updated monthly), Puffle Catalog, Martial Artworks, and when Rockhopper is around, Rockhopper's Rare Items. During the April Fools' Day Party in 2009, there was a box store, where penguins could buy boxes for their igloos (including the Portal Box).

Types of Furniture Items



A wall item

Furniture items which hang on walls, such as paintings, windows, signs, etc.


Furniture items, such as couches, Lamps, desks, closets, etc.


Items that are placed on the floor, such as carpets, mats, etc.


This is a group of furniture items (room furniture) that puffles can interact with. It includes items such as the Puffle Condo and Puffle Houses. While using such an item, the puffle's stats will change based on the item sort; For that reasons, adoptable Puffle Creatures cannot use these items. As of March 2011, when puffles use the Pet Furniture, thie art style would change back to the pre-2011 February version.


On July 26, 2012, a new igloo experience was released. With the new feature, Non-Members are given 6 free furniture items: one floor item, four regular items (two chairs and two plants), and one wall item (such as a clock). They can arrange these items in their igloo in any way they want. These items, along with some that can be unlocked via Innocent Smoothie codes, are the only types of furniture non members can have. Non-Members could also obtain the Covert Agent Station at Operation: Blackout. Non members had a chance to decorate their igloos for the Halloween party. During Operation: Puffle there was a furniture named Puffle Freedom Statue which was also for non-members. Other than that, there are many more items, like the Bears Pond and the Student Desk, which can also be unlocked.


  • There was a glitch that allowed you to edit other people's igloos but was fixed after the changes were made to Club Penguin. It was unknown how long the glitch existed. When changes were made it was clear this was the one of the glitches to be fixed. Owners who had furniture were seemingly annoyed when other penguins entered their igloo and edited their igloos. As a result, many penguins were afraid to hold parties in their igloos. Also it was known that the Dojo was really crowded before this glitch was fixed. The players referred to the Dojo as "The Party Hall".
  • There was a glitch that if you click on the Plaza on the map, it will bring you to another penguin's igloo. It was unknown how long the glitch existed, but this glitch has since been fixed.
  • Before the CPIP, members whose memberships had expired would still have their igloo. The furniture wouldn't be removed. This was fixed after CPIP.
  • There was a glitch that stopped when the new igloo experience came out where you could get as many of an item as you wanted. To do the glitch, players just had to put the item they wanted in their igloo. Then they would log off and shut down their computer. Then they would switch their PC back on and log onto Club Penguin. They then should have a double of the item. It will say '1' or how many of the item they had. Then they would take the item out and log back off and on again, and then they would have less items!
  • If you put the Festive Light in your igloo and then leave but soon return to your igloo, it disappears.


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