Furniture items are objects that can be placed in igloos by the igloo's owner. They can either be bought from catalogs in the game, unlocked using special codes, or become available as prizes during special events.


Furniture items have 3 different types (see Types of Furniture Items): floor furniture- a variety of mats and carpets; room furniture- the most common one, which includes stuff like tables, couches, chairs, lamps and cabinets; and wall furniture- any object that is hung on the igloo wall. Any new player to Club Penguin receives 6 free furniture items, and the most common method for obtaining new items is by buying them from the Furniture & Igloo Catalog- a monthly catalog which offers, in addition to furniture items, igloos, Igloo Locations and floorings.

Furniture items can also be obtained using a special code, such as the one included in any Club Penguin Magazine issue, or as part of a party reward. The vast majority of furniture items require a membership to either be obtained or used, but other than the 6 default furniture items, some furniture items, such as the unlockable ones, are available to non-members as well.

Furniture items can be placed in an igloo by its owner by entering edit mode, which is done by pressing the tools icon at the bottom-right corner; then by pressing "Edit" in the edit mode interface. All furniture items owned by the penguin will then be arranged in a horizontal navigation bar at the top of the screen, either by their type, or in a list of all items (which will also display igloos, flooring and igloo locations). If a penguin has units left from a given owned item in storage, he can drag and drop (or pick & drop) them inside the igloo, where they can be placed (wall furniture can only be dropped on walls, and the other items can only be dropped on the floor). When doing so, in case that item has special sprites, a message would be displayed in the background, saying "Use arrow keys to change this item." An item can be returned by dragging it back to the toolbar.

An igloo can hold up to 99 items at a given time. There is also a limit for each item for how many units of it can be owned, which is usually also 99; any remaining item will be available in the items toolbar for future uses.

While igloos are capable of saving the changes in the furniture items, replacing the current igloo with a new one returns all the items from that igloo to storage. Members have the ability to have 3 different savings for igloos, so they may create a new one while keeping existing arrangements of furniture items.

Obtaining methods


Furniture items can also be unlocked. On this image, Mossy Logs and Bears Ponds are seen unlocked.

  • Catalogs- furniture items can be bought through the Furniture & Igloo Catalog (updated), Puffle Catalog, Martial Artworks, and when Rockhopper is around, Rockhopper's Rare Items. During the April Fools' Day Party in 2009, there was a box store, where penguins could buy boxes for their igloos (including the Portal Box).
  • Special codes- the main codes for furniture items come from issues of the Club Penguin Magazine. In 2012, a smoothie product by Club Penguin, entitled "Innocent Smoothies", included a code for unlocking 3 fruit-related items out of a series of 25 items, where some of them were furniture items.
  • Some parties and events have also offered furniture items as rewards. Operation: Blackout, for instance, was among the first ones, and was the first time on which non-members were able to obtain in-game extra furniture items.

Arrow key changes

Most furniture items can be changed using the arrow keys, which is done by clicking an item in an igloo and clicking up/down/left/right. The most common arrow key change, which is possible with nearly any furniture item, is the rotation/inversion change - commonly performed with the left/right arrow keys, which rotates the item or changes the direction it faces.

Another type of arrow key change, which is commonly done using the up/down keys, but is less common among furniture items, changes the look or the shape of the furniture item, and is different for each item with this option. For instance, pressing up/down while selecting the Big Screen TV turns on the TV. Keeping doing so will channel, until the TV returns to its original state, and this process can be repeated.

Pressing left/down will go through the different looks/directions of a given furniture in one way, and pressing up/right will change its look but in an inverted order.

Types of Furniture Items



The Wall Rack, a wall item.

Furniture items which hang on walls, such as paintings, windows, signs, etc.


Furniture items, such as couches, Lamps, desks, closets, etc.


Items that are placed on the floor, such as carpets, mats, etc.


This is a group of furniture items (room furniture) that puffles can interact with. It includes items such as the Puffle Condo and Puffle Houses. While using such an item, the puffle's stats will change based on the item sort; For that reasons, adoptable Puffle Creatures cannot use these items. As of March 2011, when puffles use the Pet Furniture, the art style would change back to the pre-2011 February version.


On July 26, 2012, a new igloo experience was released. With the new feature, Non-Members are given 6 free furniture items: one floor item, four regular items (two chairs and two plants), and one wall item (such as a clock). They can arrange these items in their igloo in any way they want. These items, along with some that can be unlocked via Innocent Smoothie codes, are the only types of furniture non-members can have. Non-members could also obtain the Covert Agent Station at Operation: Blackout. During Operation: Puffle there was a furniture named Puffle Freedom Statue which was also for non-members. Other than that, there are many more items, like the Bears Pond and the Student Desk, which can also be unlocked.


  • Before the CPIP, members whose memberships had expired would still have their igloo. The furniture wouldn't be removed. This was fixed after CPIP.


  • Every player can have up to 99 units of the same furniture item, with some exceptions. Most of these items with different limits are unlockable, or were given out from an interface during a party. However, furnitures that let players play special games during parties only (such as the Dino Dig Site) have limits as well, as do the Card-Jitsu Mat and SoundStudio Booth, despite all of them being buyable from a catalog.
  • Innocent Smoothies came with the first unlockable furniture. Later, more codes were released that gave furniture items.
  • The October 2013 issue of Furniture Catalog had a special party package, in which all players could get 10 furniture items for 350 coins. This was the first time where non-members could buy furniture.
    • However, there was a glitch where some penguins had to be members to buy the special party package.

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