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Furensic Analyzer 3000
Furensic Analyzer 3000

When analyzing
Invented by G
Damaged by Herbert
Located HQ in PSA Mission 5

The Furensic Analyzer 3000 is a gadget developed by Gary. It is used to identify a sample of polar bear fur. It helps G to identify the criminal polar bear, Herbert P. Bear, living in Club Penguin. It can be found in Secret Mission 5 "Secret of the Fur". It can also be found in a training mission on the DS game.


If you put fur in the special entrance the machine will show agents a "Loading..." message, after that an "analyzing" message and then it will show them information:

  • Habitat
  • Favorite food
  • Favorite activity
  • Object information

If something is wrong with the fur you put in, it will not work and try to analyze it a second time.

Secret message

During loading, there would be a message in the Secret Code. The translation can be found below. Although there is no punctuation in the in-game code, it has been added to make sense of the code.

This text is completely random. If you can read this I am very impressed. Good job agent. This is even more random text. It has no real relevance to the mission but it sure was fun to translate.


  • First, you have to untangle Pink Puffle fur and analyze it in order to put in the polar bear fur.
  • The name is a portmanteau of the words "fur" and "forensic"


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