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Full Dojo
Full Dojo Stamp
Type Games, Card-Jitsu
Difficulty Extreme
Members only? No
Release date November 24, 2010
Stamp ID 248
Description Score 9 cards before you win

Full Dojo is an extreme difficulty stamp in Club Penguin. In order to obtain this stamp, the player must score 9 cards in one match of Card-Jitsu, and still win.



  • Prepare two accounts and two computers, or alternatively, two browsers.
  • There should be a starter pack in each account. Check out the color of the cards in both accounts.
  • Sort out the most common color and the second most common color.
  • When in game, try to use only the two colors mentioned above. You can 'discard' unwanted cards by creating a tie or let the other account win some cards. Note that the other account can only win cards of two colors. If it wins a card of a third color, then the game will be over. Because of this, you should only use a different color card if you have 8 cards scored.


  • This stamp is a bait item if a player attempts to perm it.


Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseDojo Completo
FrenchMain de maître
SpanishDojo completo
GermanVolles Dojo
RussianПолная Школа единоборств

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