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Fred the Clockwork Cuckoo
Fred March 2015

Full Name Fred the Clockwork Cuckoo
Species Cuckoo Bird
Gender Male
Position Cuckoo Clock bird
Appeared Ski Lodge Cuckoo Clock
Color Yellow
Clothes Items None
Related To None
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? No

Fred the Clockwork Cuckoo, or otherwise simply known as Fred, is the clockwork bird that emerges from inside the cuckoo clock every half an hour in the Ski Lodge. His name first appeared in The Penguin Times issue #87, but he had existed before The Penguin Times announced his name.

He was featured in the Paint by Letters book, Burnt Out Bulbs if you pulled the right silver feather under the Cuckoo Clock. Then Fred would jump out with a coin in his mouth. You had to be fast enough to click the coin. Sometimes, it took a while to get it from him, considering Fred jumps out, then back in, quickly. This is not possible now due to the elimination of this game in 2012.




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