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Fluffy the Fish
Fluffy guy

The beginning of Fluffy the Fish
Players 1
Controls  ?
Minigame location Beta Team Site, off Club Penguin
Date released Unreleased
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Fluffy the Fish was a game previewed on the Beta Team website.


You play as Fluffy as he tries to eat smaller fish and avoid larger ones. You start in a room resembling an underwater cave, with a bank, a castle and a sign pointing to the right in the background. Going to the right you will get to a room with lots of fish. The more fish Fluffy eats, the bigger he gets. He will keep on growing until he gets back to the first room, and "banks" the money coming from his mouth into points as he gets smaller and smaller. Fluffy also gets kicked to the first room and banks the money after being eaten.


Version 1.0

Fish eats increasingly difficult fish, with normal fish to start off, then ricochet fish, backwards swimming fish, and fish that shoot cubes. At the end of the game the fish reappears in some sort of home.

Version 2.0

Levels are with increasingly faster growing fish, so there are more dangers. Game ends with a "boss fish".


  • This game might appear in Club Penguin since there have been several versions of it like Pufflescape had.
    • However, it has not been released in Club Penguin as of yet and probably will not see a release because Club Penguin shut down the Beta Team, and the second update came out over three years ago.
  • It is based on the PopCap game "Feeding Frenzy".



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