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The Five Spooky-Keys are keys needed to enter the Ghost Lab of Gariwald VIII's Haunted Mansion during the Halloween Party 2012. After collecting all keys, players could unlock the trunk at the Foyer, which contained the Ghost Goggles, which in turn was needed to enter the Ghost Lab.

Hunt clues

  1. The first key for the forbidden prize, Is hidden right before your eyes...
  2. The second key is rather grave. Check the cemetery if you're brave...
  3. The third key's made of rotten fish. A special dish will grant your wish...
  4. The fourth key's next, so take a look. Your answer lies within a book...
  5. The final key to our little game, is behind a batty picture frame...


  • The Puffle Bat Key Pin is based on one of them.
  • Each key is themed after the room they are found in.



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