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Fire Pin

The Fire Pin

Fire can be found in various places on Club Penguin Island. It is one of the three Card-Jitsu Elements, and the main element for Card-Jitsu Fire. Although it is called an element, in reality it is a chemical reaction.


Stampbook Polaroid Card-Jitsu Fire 3

A Fire Ninja as seen in a Stamp Book photograph

Fire is the most common element in the game of Card-Jitsu, and is known as the first element. Fire is weak to water, but it overpowers snow. A successful card in Card-Jitsu allows the ninja to win the round by aiming hot sauce at the opponent and spraying fire.

Card-Jitsu Fire is centered around fire. Penguins who complete the quest can become masters of fire.

Fire appears in Card-Jitsu Snow as a weapon. The fire ninja utilises fire as hot sauce nun-chucks.

Room Appearances

Game Appearances

Furniture Items


Fire located in the Fire Dojo


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