Fast Freeze is a free-for-all minigame in Club Penguin: Game Day!. Players have to race from the starting line to the finish line without being caught by the CPU.


All players start on the starting line and go when Jeff the Ref blows his whistle. The penguins move forward by shaking the Wii remote whenever the computer-controlled penguin at the end has his/her back turned. When the penguin turns around, the players have to stop and freeze using the A button. If a penguin gets caught moving, that player gets sent back to the start. The first person to reach the finish line wins.


  • Two mascots appear at the finish line in this mini-game. When you play on Easy mode, you play against Rookie. When you play on Hard mode, you play against Cadence.
  • When you play on Normal mode, you play against an ordinary blue penguin.


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