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A fabric is a type of decoration in Club Penguin Island that can be applied to clothing made in the Clothing Customizer. A fabric can be applied to certain parts of a piece of clothing, and it causes the portion it is applied to have the same texture as the fabric. Fabrics can also be magnified or rotated when applied to clothing in the customizer. Only one fabric and/or decal can be applied to a portion of clothing at a time.

Except for the Starter set, all fabrics can only be used by members.

List of fabrics


This set is received after opening the Starter Kit, as part of the "Leaky Landing" adventure.
Fabric Flat 15 icon
Fabric Flat 14 icon
Fabric Flat 13 icon
Fabric Flat 11 icon
Fabric Flat 3 starter icon
Fabric Flat 12 icon
Flat 15 Flat 14 Flat 13 Flat 11 Flat 3 Flat 12
Fabric Flat 2 starter icon
Fabric Flat 1 starter icon
Fabric Flat 10 icon
Fabric Flat 6 icon
Fabric Flat 5 starter icon
Fabric Flat 4 icon
Flat 2 Flat 1 Flat 10 Flat 6 Flat 5 Flat 4
Fabric Flat 9 icon
Fabric Flat 18 icon
Fabric Flat 17 icon
Fabric Flat 8 icon
Fabric Flat 7 starter icon
Fabric Flat 16 icon
Flat 9 Flat 18 Flat 17 Flat 8 Flat 7 Flat 16
Fabric Buttercup Gradient icon
Fabric Auburn Gradient icon
Fabric Dark Brunette Gradient icon
Fabric Argyle Blue icon
Fabric Sharktooth icon
Fabric Polka Dot icon
Buttercup Gradient Auburn Gradient Dark Brunette Gradient Argyle Blue Sharktooth Polka Dot
Fabric Yellow Plaid icon
Fabric Glitter Pink icon
Fabric Chat icon
Yellow Plaid Glitter Pink Chat


This set is received by reaching level 1, as part of the Citizen Pack.
Fabric Flat 2 comm icon
Fabric Starfish Fluffy icon
Fabric Flat 3 comm icon
Fabric Flat 1 comm icon
Fabric Cable Knit icon
Fabric Spruce Tree icon
Flat 2 Starfish Fluffy Flat 3 Flat 1 Cable Knit Spruce Tree
Fabric Chevron Waves icon
Fabric Denim icon
Fabric Stripes comm icon
Chevron Waves Denim Stripes


This set is received by reaching level 2, as part of the Beach Pack.
Fabric Boho icon
Fabric Flat 1 beach icon
Fabric Stripes beach icon
Fabric Flat 3 beach icon
Fabric Gradiant icon
Fabric Flat 2 beach icon
Boho Flat 1 Stripes Flat 3 Gradiant Flat 2
Fabric Lace icon
Fabric Tie Dye icon
Fabric Plaid icon
Lace Tie Dye Plaid


This set is received by reaching level 3, as part of the Fame Pack.
Fabric Disco Ball icon
Fabric Black Leather icon
Fabric Flat 3 celeb icon
Fabric Flat 2 celeb icon
Fabric Sequin icon
Fabric Polka Dots celeb icon
Disco Ball Black Leather Flat 3 Flat 2 Sequin Polka Dots
Fabric Neon Stars icon
Fabric Flat 1 celeb icon
Fabric Bolt icon
Neon Stars Flat 1 Bolt


This set is received by reaching level 4, as part of the Wild Pack.
Fabric Brown Fur icon
Fabric Flat 3 animal icon
Fabric Cheetah Print icon
Fabric Flat 2 animal icon
Fabric Zebra Stripes icon
Fabric Leaves icon
Brown Fur Flat 3 Cheetah Print Flat 2 Zebra Stripes Leaves
Fabric Parrot Feathers icon
Fabric Blue Scales icon
Fabric Flat 1 animal icon
Parrot Feathers Blue Scales Flat 1

Share Gift

This set is received by reaching level 5, as part of the Sharing Pack.
Fabric Flat 2 gift icon
Fabric Sprinkles icon
Fabric Stripes gift icon
Fabric Pizza icon
Fabric Flat 1 gift icon
Fabric Stinky Cheese icon
Flat 2 Sprinkles Stripes Pizza Flat 1 Stinky Cheese
Fabric Rainbow Sequin icon
Fabric Cake icon
Fabric Flat 3 gift icon
Rainbow Sequin Cake Flat 3

Outdoor Sports

This set is received by reaching level 6, as part of the Sports Pack.
Fabric Mesh sport icon
Fabric Camo icon
Fabric Flat 2 sport icon
Fabric Fire icon
Fabric Flat 3 sport icon
Fabric Down Vest icon
Mesh Camo Flat 2 Fire Flat 3 Down Vest
Fabric Flat 1 sport icon
Fabric Soccer Ball icon
Fabric Jersey icon
Flat 1 Soccer Ball Jersey


This set is received by reaching level 7, as part of the Fantasy Pack.
Fabric Flat 3 mediev icon
Fabric Brocade mediev icon
Fabric Flat 1 mediev icon
Fabric Celtic icon
Fabric Flat 2 mediev icon
Fabric Red Velvet icon
Flat 3 Brocade Flat 1 Celtic Flat 2 Red Velvet
Fabric Brushed Metal icon
Fabric Dark Leather icon
Fabric Celtic Large icon
Brushed Metal Dark Leather Celtic Large


This set is received by reaching level 8, as part of the Fashion Pack.
Fabric Flat 2 fashion icon
Fabric Stripes fashion icon
Fabric Flat 1 fashion icon
Fabric Gold icon
Fabric Crystal icon
Fabric Brown Leather icon
Flat 2 Stripes Flat 1 Gold Crystal Brown Leather
Fabric Light Denim icon
Fabric Flat 3 fashion icon
Fabric Vees icon
Light Denim Flat 3 Vees


This set is received by reaching level 9, as part of the Future Pack.
Fabric Creature Leather icon
Fabric Flat 1 space icon
Fabric Circuit icon
Fabric Glitter icon
Fabric Galaxy icon
Fabric Flat 2 space icon
Creature Leather Flat 1 Circuit Glitter Galaxy Flat 2
Fabric Flat 3 space icon
Fabric Chrome icon
Fabric Hexagon icon
Flat 3 Chrome Hexagon


This set is received by reaching level 10, as part of the Party Pack.
Fabric Night Shimmer icon
Fabric Fun Fur icon
Fabric Flat 1 ambass icon
Fabric Stripes ambass icon
Fabric Flat 3 ambass icon
Fabric Geometric icon
Night Shimmer Fun Fur Flat 1 Stripes Flat 3 Geometric
Fabric Flat 2 ambass icon
Fabric Rainbow Gradient icon
Fabric Fireworks icon
Flat 2 Rainbow Gradient Fireworks


This set is received by reaching level 11, as part of the Winter Pack.
Fabric Flat 3 winter icon
Fabric Snowflakes icon
Fabric Fur icon
Fabric Frosty Leaves icon
Fabric Flat 2 winter icon
Fabric Ice icon
Flat 3 Snowflakes Fur Frosty Leaves Flat 2 Ice
Fabric Flat 1 winter icon
Fabric Northern Lights icon
Fabric Nordic Knit icon
Flat 1 Northern Lights Nordic Knit

Fancy Pants

This set is received by reaching level 12, as part of the Vintage Pack.
Fabric Corduroy icon
Fabric Tweed icon
Fabric Flat 2 fancy icon
Fabric Plaid Warm icon
Fabric Polka Dots fancy icon
Fabric Oberries icon
Corduroy Tweed Flat 2 Plaid Warm Polka Dots Oberries
Fabric Flat 1 fancy icon
Fabric Argyle Yellow icon
Fabric Flat 3 fancy icon
Flat 1 Argyle Yellow Flat 3


This set is received by reaching level 13, as part of the Prehistoric Pack.
Fabric Flat 3 pre icon
Fabric Scales icon
Fabric Flat 2 pre icon
Fabric Dino Spots icon
Fabric Dino icon
Fabric Ferns icon
Flat 3 Scales Flat 2 Dino Spots Dino Ferns
Fabric Tiger Stripe icon
Fabric Stone icon
Fabric Flat 1 pre icon
Tiger Stripe Stone Flat 1


This set is received by reaching level 14, as part of the Punk Pack.
Fabric Argyl icon
Fabric Fishnet2 icon
Fabric Flat Pink icon
Fabric Bats Red icon
Fabric Teal Grad icon
Fabric Denim Blk icon
Argyl Fishnet2 Flat Pink Bats Red Teal Grad Denim Blk
Fabric Flat Deep Blk icon
Fabric Dot Acid Grn icon
Fabric Plaid Chetty Red icon
Flat Deep Blk Dot Acid Grn Plaid Chetty Red


This set is received by reaching level 15, as part of the Town Heroes Pack.
Fabric Flat Lemon icon
Fabric Pin Stripe icon
Fabric Flat Blue icon
Fabric Orange Plastic icon
Fabric Flat Sky Blue icon
Fabric Orange Reflective icon
Flat Lemon Pin Stripe Flat Blue Orange Plastic Flat Sky Blue Orange Reflective
Fabric Blk Ribbing icon
Fabric Blue Tweed icon
Fabric Tire Tread icon
Blk Ribbing Blue Tweed Tire Tread

Pirate (1)

This set is received after completing the "Bottled Maps" adventure.
Fabric Stripes Red Black icon
Fabric Worn Leather icon
Fabric Flat 1 pirate icon
Stripes Red Black Worn Leather Flat 1

Pirate (2)

This set is received after completing the "A Pirate's Life" adventure.
Fabric Puffle Crossbones icon
Fabric Flat 2 pirate icon
Fabric Flat 3 pirate icon
Fabric Stripes Green Black icon
Fabric Brocade pirate icon
Fabric Net icon
Puffle Crossbones Flat 2 Flat 3 Stripes Green Black Brocade Net

Aach2 (1)

This set is received after completing the "Dot's Disguises" adventure.
Fabric Blue Camo icon
Fabric Bush icon
Fabric Pink Camo icon
Fabric Sand icon
Fabric Snow Camo icon
Fabric Tree icon
Blue Camo Bush Pink Camo Sand Snow Camo Tree

Aach2 (2)

This set is received after completing the "Burying Treasure" adventure.
Fabric Dark Metal icon
Fabric Grid icon
Fabric Mesh aa icon
Dark Metal Grid Mesh

Radio Disney

These fabrics will be available at the Radio Disney Music Awards, from April 28, 2017, to May 5, 2017.
Fabric Dots icon
Fabric Mouse Ears icon
Fabric Neon Lights icon
Dots Mouse Ears Neon Lights


These can be bought at the Disney Shop. Each set of three costs 45 coins. However, the Tangled set instead costs 120 coins.


Straight from the closets of Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff
Fabric Anna icon
Fabric Elsa icon
Fabric Kristoff icon
Anna Elsa Kristoff


Bring part of the ocean onto the island
Fabric Bubbles icon
Fabric Nemo2 icon
Fabric Stripes icon
Bubbles Nemo2 Stripes


Make a scare with these frightening patterns!
Fabric Flat 1 monster icon
Fabric Doors icon
Fabric Sully icon
Flat 1 Doors Sully

Toy Story

Dress up as a toy come to life!
Fabric Clouds icon
Fabric Cow icon
Fabric Pizza Planet icon
Clouds Cow Pizza Planet


You won't need magical hair to look great in these whimsical patterns
Fabric Flat 1 tang icon
Fabric Lavender Flowers icon
Fabric Sun icon
Flat 1 Lavender Flowers Sun


  • A likeness of the "Argyle Blue" pattern from the Starter set was made into a pin before Club Penguin Island was released.


Pre-release videos

Names in other languages

Language Name
German N/A
Russian N/A


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