Eye Scan 3000
Mission 4 HQ Eye Scan 3000
Invented by Gary
Located Gadget Room

The Eye Scan 3000 was one of Gary's inventions. It was used as a security system for the Gadget Room, the centre of Gary's inventions. It was located in the HQ. When you put your eyes on the Eye Scan 3000, it would scan your eyes, but it would only grant access to Gary. However, in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, the player could pass the eye scan by wearing an old pair of Gary's glasses, hinting that there may be a minor defect with the invention. It was lost in Club Penguin after the PSA HQ was destroyed, but was still in the video games.



  • The timer widget on the Eye Scan 3000 made the same sound as the timer widget on the real-life SMART Board system.
  • It was unknown how the eye scan could scan through such thick glasses worn by Gary without the radiation blinding Gary himself.


Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseCheca Olho 3000
FrenchScanner Rétinien 3000
SpanishEscaneo Ocular 3000
GermanAugen Scan 3000
RussianEye Scan 3000

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