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Experimental Penguins
Experimental Penguins
Platform Browser
Developer Rocketsnail Games
Publisher Rocketsnail Games
ESRB rating Not Rated
Genre MMOG
Date released July 30, 2000 [1]

Experimental Penguins was a game released in the year 2000. It was a multiplayer game/chat, similar to Club Penguin and Penguin Chat 3, and it was made around the time of Rocketsnail Games. Experimental Penguins was the original Penguin Chat.[2]

Expiremental penguins

A small picture of the game used in Rocket Snail's website.

Experimental penguins walking

The home screen when Experimental Penguins was available

Experimental penguins Snowball

Experimental penguins and a snowball


Players would join as a normal, blue penguin, while in a different edition of Experimental Penguins, you would be able to wear a santa hat. Developers would get a Snow Trekker to roam around the island.


Experimental Penguins stayed up for less than a year, but it got several awards. It closed down in December 2000,[3] and then Penguin Chat was released a few years later.

Ballistic Biscuit reference

Ballistic Biscuit Penguin

The penguin in Ballistic Biscuit.

In February 2000, in the game Ballistic Biscuit (now known as Hydro Hopper in Club Penguin) a blue penguin from Experimental Penguins could be seen in the boat during gameplay.


  • It was made by Rsnail.
  • Rsnail said on his Twitter account that it was a test on Flash 4[4] to see if it could do Multiplayer Games.
  • Before it closed in December 2000, over 2,000 penguins came online daily.[3]




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