Epic Show
Make Your Mark Ultimate Jam Epic Show

Where North of Snow Forts
Opened July 19, 2012
Closed August 2, 2012
Mini-games None
Room ID 853
Tour Description
Welcome to the Epic Show! SHHHHHH! Cadence's show's gonna start any minute! Can you feel the excitement?

The Epic Show was a party room in Club Penguin. DJ Cadence sung her debut single, "The Party Starts Now" with the Penguin Band playing the music here.


  • While Cadence and the band were on stage, everyone in the room would receive the Cadence stamp and all of the Penguin Band member's stamps, although their player cards could not be accessed, as they were not there as mascots.
  • The music that played before Cadence and the Penguin Band appeared was a repeated instrumental of The Party Starts Now chorus.
  • If penguins were on the stage when Cadence comes, they were sent off of it and appeared somewhere else in the stadium.
  • Despite the Penguin Band playing the music, Petey K played an accordion which is not heard in the song.


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