Engine Room
Music Jam 2014 Engine Room

Where Music Cruise
Opened July 17, 2014
November 2, 2016
Closed July 31, 2014
November 30, 2016
Mini-games N/A
Room ID 856
Tour Description
This is where the Music Cruise... gets its power! See that gauge with the faces?. That shows our power. Go to a station and make music... to power up the ship!

The Engine Room was a party room on the Music Cruise during the Music Jam 2014 and the Music Jam 2016. This room is located at the bottom left of the Music Cruise. The right hand side path takes you to the Ship Lobby.


  • This room apparently runs the ship on a fuel of music.
  • If players stand on the X's dotted around the room, the Emote Meter would go up, telling the players how well the ship's fuel is doing.
  • You could get the Miners Helmet from this room.


  • Sometimes the beats from the X's will still be playing even though you are not standing on it.





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