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Emoticons or Emotes are faces and symbols that can show how penguins feel. They usually appear in speech bubbles accessed by clicking on the "Emote Menu" or by pressing "E", followed by various keys what are usually the first letter of the noun.

List of Emotes

Main article: List of Emoticons

The "Skull emotion" was removed, along with the heart emote [1] - however, due to popular demand, the heart emote came back a month later. According to Club Penguin: "There are plenty of other ways to show you don't like something besides using the skull." One of them could be the tongue emote. There is also a special sun emote which can be found by pressing E and D together. There is also a special tooting emote which can also be found by pressing E and T.

Emoticon and Action Shortcuts


Note: The "?" and "!" keys may be different in other language keyboards. (These shortcuts are for American and English keyboards.)
E.g. The ? button in Finland and Sweden is the ' key. In Hungary, the ? is the ü, and the ! is the 1 key. And in Turkey ? is ö (Note: J = Joke)


  • Ever since the Merry Walrus Party started, using the "smiling" emoticon, either from the toolbar or using the E+2 shortcut, will result in a blank emoticon. This was fixed when the Star Wars Rebels Takeover started.
    • However, during the Star Wars Rebels Takeover, the "ET" emote did not produce a sound effect. After the party ended, the ET emote was fixed, but the smile emote did not work again.
    • This "smiling" emoticon is now fixed during Puffle Party 2015 or longer


  • All of the emoticons (excluding party emoticons) were designed by Rsnail.
  • The 'quick keys' (pressing "e" and then a number or letter) were first added on September 23, 2005.[2]
  • On November 30, 2007, the Skull emote was removed because penguins were using the skull in a bad way, like threatening of murder or reference to death. The Skull can now only be seen on the Ignore list button.
    • The Heart emote was also removed as well, however, it returned a month later due to player demand.
  • Another emote, the Laughing Emote (or the Smile Emote) was revamped on October 12, 2007, as the old one looked very similar to another emote on another website.[3]
  • If ten penguins use the smile Emoticon in the same room, they will get the Happy Room stamp.
  • The Cookie emote, the Falalala emote, the Clapper emote, the Clock going backwards emote, and the Police Siren emote were animated emoticons.
  • The new look of emoticons will only be used in art, starting with the Prehistoric Party 2013's login screen.
  • The foam finger emoticons from the Monsters University Takeover have 6 fingers.
  • The old laughing emotion is hidden in the Membership page of Club Penguin.
  • For the Muppets World Tour, all the 'face' emotes had a 'ball' shaped nose.
  • If you ask a puffle to dig while the puffle dig trick is still loading, the puffle will show an emote.
  • Ever since the Holiday Party 2012, each party had 3-6 special emoticons, sometimes appearing multiple times at different parties.
  • During the Music Jam 2014, three temporary emoticons: "Cute Face", "Fist Pump" and "Clapping" were able to be used, however, in August 2014, they were still present even when the Music Jam 2014 was over. When the Frozen Party started, they were removed.


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