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Emojis are faces and symbols that can be used in Club Penguin Island, and are similar to emoticons from Club Penguin. Emojis are divided into several sets, with each set requiring the player to unlock them before they can be used. Emojis can be accessed from the Quick Chat menu. Unlike emoticons from Club Penguin, the player may use multiple emojis at a time per chat bubble.

Unless specified otherwise, emojis can only be used by members.

List of emojis

Set 1

These are available by default. This set can be used by all players.
Emoji Smile Face
Emoji Stressed Face
Emoji Blushing
Emoji Angry Face
Emoji Skeptical Face
Emoji Left Arrow
Emoji Right Arrow
Smile Face Stressed Face Blushing Angry Face Skeptical Face Left Arrow Right Arrow
Emoji Small Sad Face
Emoji Embarrassed
Emoji Crying
Emoji Laugh Cry
Emoji Shocked Face
Emoji Starfish
Emoji Green Note
Small Sad Face Embarrassed Crying Laugh Cry Shocked Face Starfish Green Note
Emoji Winking Face
Emoji Cold Face
Emoji Blank Stare
Emoji Grinning Face
Emoji Sleepy Face
Emoji Fishing Rod
Emoji Heart
Winking Face Cold Face Blank Stare Grinning Face Sleepy Face Fishing Rod Heart

Set 2

This set is received by reaching level 1, as part of the Citizen Pack.
Emoji Sickened Face
Emoji Face Sticking Out Tongue
Emoji Princess with Crown
Emoji Idea Lightbulb
Emoji Inner Tube
Sickened Face Face Sticking Out Tongue Princess with Crown Idea Lightbulb Inner Tube
Emoji Upside-down Face
Emoji Sunglasses face
Emoji Grumpy
Emoji Music Notes
Emoji Jackhammer
Upside-down Face Sunglasses face[note 1] Grumpy Music Notes Jackhammer
Emoji Nerd Face
Emoji In love
Emoji Poop
Emoji Party Popper
Emoji Campfire
Nerd Face In love[note 2] Poop Party Popper Campfire

Set 3

This set is received by reaching level 4, as part of the Wild Pack.
Emoji Fish
Emoji Angry Crab
Emoji Dog Face
Emoji Frowning Squid
Emoji Cat Face
Emoji Grinning Shark
Fish Angry Crab Dog Face Frowning Squid Cat Face Grinning Shark

Set 4

This set is received by reaching level 5, as part of the Sharing Pack.
Emoji Stinky Cheese
Emoji Hot Chocolate
Emoji Eating
Emoji Birthday Cake
Emoji Fishdog
Emoji Squid Stick
Emoji Pizza
Emoji Smoothie
Emoji Eating Cake
Stinky Cheese Hot Chocolate Eating Birthday Cake Fishdog Squid Stick Pizza Smoothie Eating Cake

Set 5

This set is received by reaching level 6, as part of the Sports Pack.
Emoji Whistling Face
Emoji Trophy
Emoji Thumbs Up Sign
Emoji Cheering Face
Emoji Race Flag
Emoji Number One Fan Finger
Whistling Face Trophy Thumbs Up Sign Cheering Face Race Flag Number One Fan Finger

Set 6

This set is received by reaching level 10, as part of the Party Pack.
Emoji Fireworks
Emoji Party Blaster
Emoji Pinata
Emoji Glow Stick
Emoji Party Face
Emoji Fish Wearing Shades
Fireworks Party Blaster Pinata[note 3] Glow Stick Party Face Fish Wearing Shades

Set 7

This set is received by reaching level 13, as part of the Prehistoric Pack.
Emoji Caveguin Smile
Emoji Dino Meat
Emoji Caveguin Confuse
Emoji Triceratops
Emoji TRex
Emoji Stone Heart
Caveguin Smile Dino Meat Caveguin Confuse Triceratops TRex Stone Heart

Set 8

This set is received by reaching level 15, as part of the Town Heroes Pack.
Emoji Firefighter
Emoji Silver Badge
Emoji Robber
Emoji Sheriff
Emoji Patient
Emoji Red Siren
Firefighter Silver Badge Robber Sheriff Patient Red Siren

Set 9

This set is received after completing the "Mirror Mirror" adventure.
Emoji Aunt Arctic Smile
Emoji Lighthouse
Emoji Angry Lava Blob
Emoji Aunt Arctic Spy
Emoji Aunt Arctic Raised Eyebrow
Emoji Magnifying Glass
Aunt Arctic Smile Lighthouse Angry Lava Blob Aunt Arctic Spy Aunt Arctic Raised Eyebrow Magnifying Glass

Set 10

This set is received after during the "Double Click" adventure.
Emoji Crab Yes
Emoji Crab Ask
Emoji Crab No
Emoji Crab Toot
Emoji Crab Sleep
Emoji Crab Demand
Crab Yes Crab Ask Crab No Crab Toot Crab Sleep Crab Demand

Set 11

This set is received after completing the "A Captain's Share" adventure.
Emoji Excitied Rockhopper
Emoji Treasure X
Emoji Wooden Sword
Emoji Scared Rockhopper
Emoji Angry Rockhopper
Emoji Treasure Chest
Excitied Rockhopper Treasure X Wooden Sword Scared Rockhopper Angry Rockhopper Treasure Chest

Set 12

This set was available at the Earth Month event, from April 13, 2017, to April 22, 2017. This set can be used by all players.
Emoji Golden Monkey
Emoji Snow Leopard
Emoji Panda
Golden Monkey Snow Leopard Panda

Set 13

This set is available at the Earth Month event, from April 23, 2017, to April 28, 2017. This set can be used by all players.
Emoji Earth
Emoji Real Rockhopper
Emoji Leaf
Earth Real Rockhopper Leaf

Set 14

This set was received by pre-registering during the beta test period. This set can be used by all players.
Emoji Classic Sickened
Emoji Fish With Glasses
Emoji Classic Smile
Emoji Iceberg
Emoji Classic Wink
Emoji Red Viking Face
Classic Sickened Fish With Glasses Classic Smile Iceberg Classic Wink Red Viking Face


This emoji is currently unobtainable.
Emoji Air Bubble
Air Bubble

Daily Challenges

Main article: Daily Challenges
The following challenges involve using emojis.
Name Given by Type Description Rewards Member only?
Frozen Forever
AA quest icon
Solo Use an emoji to look frozen in the hot spring 25 coins and 20 XP No
I think I'm gonna...
RH quest icon
Solo Make a seasick face on the Migrator's starboard side 30 coins and 20 XP Yes
Salty's Riddle
RH quest icon
Solo Make a watery face at a deep royal place 30 coins and 20 XP No
Something's Starfishy
RH quest icon
Solo Use the starfish emoji when on a starfish at the Boardwalk 25 coins and 20 XP No
Fright Bite
RH quest icon
Community Have 5 penguins in the Shark Arch use scared emotes 30 coins and 20 XP No
Have a Heart
AA quest icon
Community Use 10,000 heart emoji to show the world what we love 25 coins and 20 XP No


  • Emojis first appeared in Club Penguin in issue 556 of the Club Penguin Times, where it was mentioned by Rookie that a course at the School teaches how to "speak" emoji.
  • Even though a green Smile Face emoji constantly appears in promotional images, the initial Disney logo screen for the app and even the favicon of the official website, it is not available for players.
  • A Wink Emoji Pin was released in Club Penguin for the Club Penguin Island Party in January 2017.
    • Also at the aforementioned party, the Plaza was decorated with many emojis, and a few emojis appeared as party-exclusive emoticons. The tour guide emoji from loading screens in Club Penguin Island also appeared at several rooms in the Club Penguin party.
  • Several decals are based on emojis.


Club Penguin Island Party Plaza

Names in other languages

For names of each emoji, see Emojis/Names in other languages.
Language Name
German N/A
Russian N/A


  1. Prior to the 1.0.1 update, this was named "In Love"
  2. Prior to the 1.0.1 update, this was named "Cool Sunglasses Face"
  3. Prior to the 1.0.1 update, this was named "Piñata"


  1. 1.0 1.1

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