Elite Gear

A wallpaper featuring almost all of the gear.
Date released June 15, 2010
Available? Still available
Update frequency Occasionally
Items sold Clothing
Where found EPF Spy Phone, EPF Command Room

Elite Gear is an application on the EPF Spy Phone. It allows players to purchase clothing with the medals earned by completing Spy Drills missions. This clothing ranges from pretty basic to very complex.


The following are all the items that you can get after getting a certain amount of medals.

Item Price
old new
EPF Earpiece 1 2
Total 1 2
Delta Set
Delta Fedora 2 10
Delta Shades 1 5
Delta Suit 4 20
Delta Sneaks 3 15
Total 10 50
Alpha Set
The Alpha 2 10
Alpha Shades 1 5
Alpha Suit 4 20
Alpha Pumps 2 10
Total 9 45
Alpha Headset 1 2
Delta Headset 1 2
Total 2 4
Tactical Gear Set
H2O Pack 3 15
Range Finder 2 10
Tactical Gear 4 20
Tactical Boots 2 10
Total 11 55
Comm Gear Set
Comm Helmet 3 15
Sat-Pack 3 15
Comm Gear 4 20
Comm Boots 2 10
Total 12 60
Tech Gear Set
Optic Headset 3 15
Tech Coat 4 20
Tech Satchel 2 10
Tech-book 3000 3 15
Total 12 60
Stealth Gear Set
Dark Vision Goggles 2 10
Blue Power Cell 4 20
Canister Camouflage 4 20
Sneak-ers 2 10
Total 12 60
Total medals 69 336

Updates history

Date Update
June 15, 2010 EPF Earpiece & Basic Set Alpha and Basic Set Delta added
August 23, 2010 Tactical Headsets and Tactical Basic Set added
November 8, 2010 Comm Basic Set added
January 13, 2011 Tech Basic Set added
April 28, 2011 Stealth Basic Set added
April 5, 2013 Price of Gear updated

Sets and actions

By dancing with the full outfit of some of the sets, the players can perform a special dance. The sets that allow doing so are the following:

  • Tactical Gear on- you will roll around/flip.
  • Comm Gear on- you pull out a computer you type on with a large satellite that will spin and a smaller satellite that gives signal.
  • Tech Gear on- you put down your Tech-book 3000, open it up, then you make a hologram appear above the Tech-book 3000.
  • Stealth Gear- your armor transforms into a recycle bin disguise.



Before price update

After price update

Names in other languages

Elite Gear

Language Name
PortugueseEquipamento de Elite
SpanishEquipamiento inicial
RussianЭлитное обмундирование



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