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Easter Egg Hunt 2009

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Easter Egg Hunt 2009
Sensei egg

Sensei advertising the Egg Hunt in the newspaper.

Members only? No
When April 10–12, 2009
Free Item(s) Pink Bunny Ears
Location Everywhere
Mascot(s) None
Sensei egg

Sensei holding an Easter egg.


The eggs of '09

The Easter Egg Hunt 2009 was an event that started on April 10th and ended on April 12th. Like all other Easter Egg Hunts, you had to find hidden eggs by using the clues given to you. When you collected all of the eggs, you got Pink Bunny Ears.

Free Items

Image Item Location Members only?
Pink Bunny Ears clothing icon ID 427 Pink Bunny Ears Completing the Scavenger Hunt No

Egg Hunt

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Clue 1: To find this egg just take a glance, at the building where you go to dance. Answer: It is found at the Town in the right spotlight of the Night Club.

Clue 2: You'll find this egg spends its day, floating in the waves where penguins play. Answer: Found at the Cove by clicking on the egg next to the beach.

Clue 3: Here's an egg that's in the mood, to be a cavern surfer dude. Answer: Found at the Mine by hovering over the farthest mine cart.

Clue 4: This egg has made its home, near two great puffles made of stone. Answer: Found at the Dojo Courtyard disguised as the lantern on the right.

Clue 5: All day this egg has sat, snug underneath a warm fuzzy hat. Answer: Found at the Gift Shop by clicking the warm fuzzy hat.

Clue 6: By a glowing fire by a comfy place, you'll find this egg in a fishy place. Answer: Found at the Ski Lodge next to a fish in the box next to Ice Fishing.

Clue 7: To add this egg to your collections, find a sign that gives directions. Answer: Found at the Mountain, on the top of the pole with signs on it.

Clue 8: This egg is on a guiding light. You can't see it if it is bright. Answer: Found on the Beacon in the big light. Turning off the light using the switch on the left displays this egg.

Spoilers end here.

Egg Decorations

  • Egg 1 - White background with yellow star.
  • Egg 2 - White rope with blue water.
  • Egg 3 - Gold background with mine cart.
  • Egg 4 - Red background with Japanese writing on it.
  • Egg 5 - Purple background with pink gift.
  • Egg 6 - Blue background with Fluffy the fish.
  • Egg 7 - Grey background with snowflake.
  • Egg 8 - Lime Green background with light bulb.


Sensei puffle

Sensei hiding eggs with a White Puffle.

  • This was the 4th annual Easter Egg Hunt.
  • This was the first time ever that the light at the Beacon could be turned off.
  • The same exact eggs came back in 2011 and 2012.





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