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EPF Treehouses
Operation Puffle EPF Treehouses

Where The Wilderness
Opened November 21, 2013
Closed December 5, 2013
Mini-games Puffle Chase
Room ID 859
Tour Description
Here are the Treehouses. This is a great place to rest after traveling the river all day. There is fish and fire and the EPF has secured the area with cameras and searchlights

The EPF Treehouses was a room opened for Operation: Puffle. The room appears to be located between two small waterfalls right by the river. Continuing with the river flow will drop you from a small waterfall back to Outpost.


  • Whenever you go onto the river, a pontoon will appear as if you are riding it and you will move down the river.
  • Walking to the lights will turn them on.
  • This is where the mind-controlled Red Puffle was chased.


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