EPF Recruitment
Global Postcards 47 EPF Recruitment
Available No
Cost 10 coins
Postcard ID 47

The EPF Recruitment is a postcard in Club Penguin. EPF Agents can send it for 10 coins. This postcard contains hidden text that is revealed by hovering over it.


It was released in May 2010 to recruit EPF agents. It was used to lead players to the Everyday Phoning Facility using a hidden button, where they could take a series of tests to become EPF agents

At some point in 2016 it became unavailable. It had still been available after the renovation of the Everyday Phoning Facility in 2013, which allowed players to become agents even without receiving this postcard.


  • Under the "Question" section in the Ultimate Safe Chat, one of the messages is Psst. I want to be a secret agent. Where’s the HQ?.
  • Only EPF agents can send this postcard.


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