EPF In-Game Missions (or simply just In-Game Missions) are EPF missions similar to the PSA Missions, but more exciting. The current In-Game Missions are: Battle of Doom, Operation: Hibernation, Operation: Blackout, Operation: Hot Sauce, Operation: Puffle and Future Party.

In-Game Missions

Operation: Hot Sauce

For the full article visit Operation: Hot Sauce.

April 2013: In Operation: Hot Sauce, Herbert P. Bear steals the hot sauce bottle from the Pizza Parlor that powers the pizza oven. The EPF Agent|Agent's mission is to bring back the hot sauce, before disastrous things happen to Club Penguin Island.

Operation: Puffle

For the full article visit Operation: Puffle.

November 2013: On November 14, 2013, Herbert kidnapped the famous puffles of Club Penguin. These puffles included: Keeper of the Boiler Room, Keeper of the Stage, Plok and the black puffle at the Puffle Rescue Stand. Herbert also kidnapped a whole lot of other puffles. On November 21, 2013, Herbert used his new mind control device on the puffles, making all of them on Herbert's side. It is currently unknown why Herbert hypnotized the puffles, but what we do know is that agents must save the puffles before it is too late.

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