Dot the Disguise Gal

Full name Dot the Disguise Gal
Species Penguin
Gives adventures? No
Position Stealth Lead, Disguise Designer

For her Club Penguin counterpart, see Dot.

You wear your confidence well. Today you get a chance to back it up.
— Dot

Dot, also known as Dot the Disguise Gal, is a character in Club Penguin Island, being introduced in chapter 2 of Aunt Arctic's adventures. She trains, assists, and works with the player in the third adventure of chapter 2.

Adventures appeared in

Character Episode
Aunt Arctic Chapter 2 - Ep. 3 - Dot's Disguises
Aunt Arctic Chapter 2 - Ep. 4 - Icy Infiltration
Aunt Arctic Chapter 2 - Ep. 10 - Skyberg Assault
Rookie Chapter 1 - Ep. 5 - Special Delivery


  • She is mentioned in chapter 1.
  • She first appeared in Waddle Down Memory Lane Part 1, as a silhouette.
  • So far, she is the only mascot from the original Club Penguin to have maintained her entire design.

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