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Rooms Dojo june 13 2013

Where On top of one of the mountains in the Mountain Range.
Opened August 22, 2005
(Beta Testing)
October 24, 2005
Renovated May 23, 2013
Closed Still open
Mini-Games Card-Jitsu
Room ID 320
Tour Description
Welcome to the Dojo! Card-Jitsu takes time to master... but Sensei is here to teach you. The elements of Fire, Water and Snow... can be yours to master!

The Dojo (Japanese: 道場) can be reached through the Dojo Courtyard, which is found on the map. Players can play Card-Jitsu to earn belts and eventually become ninjas. In Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force for Nintendo DS, the entrance to the Puffle Training Room is inside the Dojo. Penguins can now walk to the Dojo from the Mine Shack. Before then, penguins had to use their map or their Spy Phone or EPF Phone to arrive at the Dojo. The doors to the different elemental Card-Jitsu games (Snow, Water, and Fire) are located here.


  • The Dojo was originally a secret area in Club Penguin. It was just an empty room where many penguins used play, snowball fights in particular. It was built by Sensei a long time before most penguins found the island. It remained like that for a long time, until the beginning of the Dig Out The Dojo project.
  • On November 3, 2008, during the Great Storm of 2008, the Dojo was struck by lightning and the roof was opened. Penguins were then able to access the Dojo Courtyard. Once there, you could see a gray penguin with a cone shaped hat, brown coat, white beard, and a shovel. His temporary name was "??????", and was later revealed as "Sensei". Card-Jitsu training began on November 17, 2008.
  • On February 25, 2011, the Green Puffle Pin was the first pin to be hidden in the Dojo.
  • It appears a lot in the episode Never Wake a Sleeping Sensei. Also, interestingly in that episode we learned a few new things about the room. There is a scroll telling about that if you wake Sensei when he is sleepwalking, you explode. Also, in the back of the room (the fourth wall in-game) there is a door with two fish on it.
  • The room underwent a renovation. Due to the closing of the Ninja Hideout, the entrances to the elemental dojos were added here, to keep elemental balance. Card-Jitsu training still takes place here, in the center of the room. The room was completely renovated on May 23, 2013, just in time for the Card-Jitsu Party 2013 party.
  • On June 13, 2013, the pile of snow was removed from the Dojo.


Since a Dojo is related to ninjas, the Dojo had become one of the roots of the ninja rumor. Some penguins were hanging around looking for ninja evidence. This is similar to Before Card-Jitsu: The Ninja Quest where you go into the wilderness hearing ninja rumors.


There was a rumor that if players stand completely still at the Dojo for 30 minutes, you would become a Ninja. Aunt Arctic confirmed that this was false since your Penguin would be logged off automatically if it is idle for more than 10 minutes. It is also one of Sensei's jokes when you ask for instructions.

It was believed for a time, and still is believed by some penguins, that the two ninjas shadows at the top of the dojo windows are pledged Shadow ninjas.


Image Item Name
Clothing Icons 7049
Green Puffle Pin
Clothing Icons 7149
Bunny Rabbit Pin


  • An unknown room can be seen behind the Dojo in Card Jitsu Water.
    Dojo Rooms
  • In the Club Penguin Magazine Issue #14, in the section "Rookiepedia", the letter D was for Dojo, and it featured a custom made Dojo by Wikia user SandorL.
  • If you wait for about five minutes, look out the top windows, three ninjas appear jumping, then jump away.
  • The Dojo appears on a power card where it is completely removed except a tiny circle of the floor remains on which the player that played the card stands. The opponent is lifted away along with the Dojo. The Dojo does however reappear after a few seconds so that the match can continue.
  • Scrap, Sly, and Tank have the intent of destroying the Dojo, and they were sent by Tusk to do so, but were defeated in the game Card-Jitsu Snow.
  • The Dojo was originally planned to be put in The Plaza.[1]
  • The original design of the Dojo was inspired by the dojo from the movie The Matrix. [2]


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