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Dj maxx close up

A close up of DJ Maxx

Full Name Disc Jockey Maxx
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position DJ
Appeared Penguin Chat 3
Color Red
Clothes Items Black Headphones
Related To Unknown
Friends With Penguins
Meetable Character? Yes (Penguin Chat 3)

DJ Maxx (also known as Disc Jockey Maxx) was a DJ in Penguin Chat 3. He first appeared in the Night Club on May 5, 2005.[1] He appeared because the team was testing a new streaming music system.

He is possibly an NPC (non-player character) implemented into the game when changes to the Night Club were being made. His penguin could not be clicked, he had no Player Card, and never spoke, though his player card can be found through the new Buddy List.



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