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Dj maxx close up

A close up of DJ Maxx

Full Name Disc Jockey Maxx
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position DJ
Appeared Penguin Chat 3
Color Red
Clothes Items Black Headphones
Related To Unknown (possibly Cadence)
Friends With Penguins
Meetable Character? Yes (Penguin Chat 3)

DJ Maxx (also known as Disc Jockey Maxx) was a DJ in Penguin Chat 3. He first appeared in the Night Club on May 5, 2005.[1] He appeared because the team was testing a new streaming music system.


  • It is still unknown if he will ever appear on Club Penguin officially.
  • If you search his name in the new buddy list you will find a red penguin named DJ Maxx with headphones.
  • So far he has only appeared in Penguin Chat 3.


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