Date released November 13, 2014
Unlocks items? No

Diva-Napped is a comic strip inside the 37th issue of the Club Penguin Magazine; it was released on November 13, 2014. A sneak peek of the comic strip was posted on the What's New Blog.[1] by Daffodaily5 the day before its release.


The comic starts out with DJ Cadence and the Penguin Band preparing for a show at the dance Club starting on the next day. Cadence tells them to go get some lunch because the show starts in 24 hours. While Cadence was setting some more stuff up, Herbert P. Bear sneaks up behind her, calls her "DJ Noisy Face", and kidnaps her.

At the Pizza Parlor, Lolz brings a message to Franky saying that Herbert has kidnapped Cadence, this leads to the members of the Elite Penguin Force becoming involved to help find the DJ.

In Herbert's Base, Cadence is locked up by Herbert P. Bear, Herbert explains his plan to stop all music from the island, while Klutzy steals Cadence's headphones. Then, Herbert views his surveillance cameras to see Jet Pack Guy, he then fires his "defenses". Jet Pack Guy informs the Elite Penguin Force about Herbert's location.

Meanwhile, Dot disguises herself as Cadence and attempts to sing with the Penguin Band. However, she gives up stating that she "isn't good enough", but the Penguin Band give her some encouragement and she decides to give singing another try.

Back in Herbert's Base, Cadence uses a stick to grab Herbert's keys, she opens the cell she was locked in, escapes and runs to the dance Club.

When Cadence arrives at the dance Club she is late, but the crowd of penguin's are amazed that there are two Cadences. Both Dot and Cadence perform on stage together with the Penguin Band.

The comic ends with Herbert P. Bear viewing his surveillance cameras and seeing the performance going much better than planned while he crushes "Klutzy's" headphones in his paws.


  • The comic uses hashtags.
  • The song Dot (Disguised as Cadence) and the Penguin Band sang was Ghosts Just Wanna Dance.
  • This was also the first time Cadence was seen without her headphones.