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A decal is a type of decoration in Club Penguin Island that can be applied to clothing made in the Clothing Customizer. A decal can be applied to certain parts of a piece of clothing, and it causes the decal to appear within the portion it is applied to, and can be placed in a specific location. Decals can also be magnified or rotated when applied to clothing in the customizer. There is also the option of either having only one of the decal appear, or having the decal tiled across the portion. Only one decal and/or fabric can be applied to a portion of clothing at a time.

Except for the Starter set, all decals can only be used by members.

List of decals


This set is received after opening the Starter Kit, as part of the "Leaky Landing" adventure.
Decal Buckle Silver icon
Decal Heart icon
Decal Penglantis icon
Decal Button icon
Decal Logo starter icon
Decal Stitching icon
Buckle Silver Heart Penglantis Button Logo Stitching
Decal Dot Triangle icon
Decal Paint Splat icon
Decal Wave icon
Dot Triangle Paint Splat Wave


This set is received by reaching level 1, as part of the Citizen Pack.
Decal Level Badge comm icon
Decal Pocket icon
Decal Fluffy icon
Decal Seam icon
Decal Emoji icon
Decal Zipper comm icon
Level Badge Pocket Fluffy Seam Emoji Zipper


This set is received by reaching level 2, as part of the Beach Pack.
Decal Barnacles icon
Decal Palms icon
Decal Crab icon
Decal Puka Shells icon
Decal Flowers icon
Decal Shark icon
Barnacles Palms Crab Puka Shells Flowers Shark


This set is currently unobtainable.
Decal Cool Emoji icon
Decal Fish Skeleton icon
Decal Gemstone icon
Decal Gold Chain icon
Decal Guitar icon
Decal Studs icon
Cool Emoji Fish Skeleton Gemstone Gold Chain Guitar Studs


This set is received by reaching level 4, as part of the Wild Pack.
Decal Butterfly icon
Decal Parrot Wings icon
Decal Claw Marks icon
Decal Paw Print icon
Decal Crocodile icon
Decal Stone Stud icon
Butterfly Parrot Wings Claw Marks Paw Print Crocodile Stone Stud

Share Gift

This set is received by reaching level 5, as part of the Sharing Pack.
Decal Level Badge gift icon
Decal Party Emoji icon
Decal Icing Dollop icon
Decal Pinata Emoji icon
Decal Bow icon
Decal Tape icon
Level Badge Party Emoji Icing Dollop Pinata Emoji Bow Tape

Outdoor Sports

This set is received by reaching level 6, as part of the Sports Pack.
Decal 00 icon
Decal Leaves icon
Decal Campfire icon
Decal Mountains icon
Decal Dragonfly icon
Decal Star sport icon
00 Leaves Campfire Mountains Dragonfly Star


This set is received by reaching level 7, as part of the Fantasy Pack.
Decal Brooch icon
Decal Rook icon
Decal Fish Knot icon
Decal Sea Dragon icon
Decal Magic Swirl icon
Decal Shield Tabard icon
Brooch Rook Fish Knot Sea Dragon Magic Swirl Shield Tabard


This set is received by reaching level 8, as part of the Fashion Pack.
Decal Abstract Diamonds icon
Decal Ripped Denim icon
Decal Diamond Collar icon
Decal Rose icon
Decal Pocket Outline icon
Decal Sunglasses icon
Abstract Diamonds Ripped Denim Diamond Collar Rose Pocket Outline Sunglasses


This set is received by reaching level 9, as part of the Future Pack.
Decal Circuit icon
Decal Spots icon
Decal Comet icon
Decal UFO icon
Decal Control Panel space icon
Decal Vortex icon
Circuit Spots Comet UFO Control Panel Vortex


This set is received by reaching level 10, as part of the Party Pack.
Decal Level Badge ambass icon
Decal Lighthouse icon
Decal Glow Crystals icon
Decal Rave Emoji icon
Decal Fireworks icon
Decal Tour Guide icon
Level Badge Lighthouse Glow Crystals Rave Emoji Fireworks Tour Guide


This set is received by reaching level 11, as part of the Winter Pack.
Decal Icicles icon
Decal Snowboard icon
Decal Knit Band icon
Decal Snowflake winter icon
Decal Moon icon
Decal Wolf icon
Icicles Snowboard Knit Band Snowflake Moon Wolf

Fancy Pants

This set is received by reaching level 12, as part of the Vintage Pack.
Decal Braid icon
Decal Moustache icon
Decal Buttons Brass icon
Decal Studded Belt icon
Decal Dots icon
Decal Tuxedo icon
Braid Moustache Buttons Brass Studded Belt Dots Tuxedo


This set is received by reaching level 13, as part of the Prehistoric Pack.
Decal Dino Stripe icon
Decal Leaf Pocket icon
Decal Rock Band icon
Decal Stone Button icon
Decal Trex icon
Decal Triceratops icon
Dino Stripe Leaf Pocket Rock Band Stone Button Trex Triceratops


This set is received by reaching level 14, as part of the Punk Pack.
Decal Buttons icon
Decal Safety Pin icon
Decal Silver Chain icon
Decal Skull Button icon
Decal Wings icon
Decal Zipper punk icon
Buttons Safety Pin Silver Chain Skull Wings Zipper


This set is received by reaching level 15, as part of the Town Heroes Pack.
Decal Bandaid icon
Decal Fire Badge icon
Decal Hero Badge icon
Decal Name Tag icon
Decal Police Badge icon
Decal Sand icon
Bandaid Fire Badge Hero Badge Name Tag Police Badge Sand

Pirate (1)

This set is received after completing the "Bottled Maps" adventure.
Decal Anchor icon
Decal Buckle Gold icon
Decal Jolly Roger icon
Anchor Buckle Gold Jolly Roger

Pirate (2)

This set is received after completing the "A Pirate's Life" adventure.
Decal Patch icon
Decal String icon
Decal Sword icon
Patch String Sword


This set is received after completing the "Burying Treasure" adventure.
Decal Control Panel aa icon
Decal Lifeguard Cross icon
Decal Tech Seam icon
Control Panel Lifeguard Cross Tech Seam

Radio Disney

These decals are available at the Radio Disney Music Awards, from April 28, 2017, to May 5, 2017.
Decal Bubbles icon
Decal Headphones icon
Decal Statue icon
Bubbles Headphones Statue


These decals can be bought at the Disney Shop. Each set of three costs 35 coins. However, the Tangled set instead costs 120 coins.


Don't forget to add a touch of magic
Decal Arendelle icon
Decal Rosemaling icon
Decal Snowflake frozen icon
Arendelle Rosemaling Snowflake


Turn your outfit into a splash hit!
Decal Dory2 icon
Decal Nemo2 icon
Decal Shells icon
Dory2 Nemo2 Shells


Your outfit will be a scream with these decals
Decal Eye icon
Decal Logo monster icon
Decal Sully icon
Eye Logo Sully

Toy Story

The smallest items can bring the most joy
Decal Alien icon
Decal Buzz Buttons icon
Decal Star toy icon
Alien Buzz Buttons Star


Highlight your outfit with some of Rapunzel's favorite things
Decal Birb icon
Decal Purple Flower icon
Decal Sun icon
Birb Purple Flower Sun


  • A likeness of the "Logo" decal from the Starter set was made into a pin before Club Penguin Island was released.
  • Although the Celebrity set of decals is not available, it is very likely meant to be a reward as part of the Fame Pack, received upon reaching level 3, as the fabric set which shares the Celebrity name from the Fame Pack is also received at the same level, as well as that level 3 is the only level not to reward decals.
  • The "Tuxedo" decal from the Fancy Pants set resembles the front of the Classy T-Shirt item from Club Penguin.


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