Dave Krysko

Full Name Dave Krysko
Born Unknown
Position Co-founder (Club Penguin)
SVP (Disney Online Studios)
Joined the team Penguin Chat 3
Left the team Sometime in 2010 [1]
Penguin Name Skidder

Dave Krysko is one of the co-founders of Club Penguin. He was the owner and founder of New Horizon Interactive, the company that originally created and developed the game Club Penguin.


  • Screenhog revealed on his blog that he doesn't recall Dave Krysko making an account. However, on August 5, 2013, Dave Krysko revealed his penguin name to be Skidder.
  • Dave's son Matt Krysko was the founder of the band TAS1000, the band that made the song I've Been Delayed.
  • He appeared in the New Horizons documentary.
  • Dave Krysko left Club Penguin, sometime after it was purchased by Disney.
  • Dave Krysko has a Twitter account - @Davara.
  • His Penguin, Skidder, has 109 stamps and 12 pins.
  • Before 2011, it was widely believed for years that Dave Krysko was Gizmo.


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