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Full Name DanielD
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Worker in the Boiler Room
Appeared In the book Truth or Dare
Color Light Blue
Clothes Items Black Hoodie, Red Ball Cap
Related To Unknown
Friends With RodgerRodger
Meetable Character? No

DanielD is a penguin in the book "Truth or Dare". He dared RodgerRodger to stay in the Boiler Room alone for a whole night, which led RodgerRodger to figure out that the Keeper of the Boiler Room was really a Green Puffle, not a penguin or any other creature. He also worked in the Boiler Room as a penguin who does cleaning and maintenance. He is a light blue penguin wearing the Black Hoodie and Red Baseball Cap. It is also revealed in the book that he has the keys to the Boiler Room. He may be friends with RodgerRodger, but he has a rather mean personality.


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