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Dance Contest

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Dance Contest
Dance Challenge

The Dance Contest, during gameplay.
Players 1-16
Controls  ?
Minigame location Night Club
Date released January 15, 2009
:For the mini-game in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, see Dance Challenge.

The Dance Contest is a Club Penguin mini-game located in the Night Club where you can dance using the arrow keys on your keyboard, that is very similar to the video game Dance Dance Revolution. As the arrows go up into the shadowed arrows at the top, you have to press the key that it shows by the time it reaches the top bar. In Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, there is a similar mini-game called Dance Challenge. If you take your purple puffle to the Night Club and enter the Dance Contest game, your purple puffle will join you. If you do solo, you'll dance side-by-side with your puffle. Of course, you both have different dance moves!

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Although Dance Contest is usually a single player game, members have an option to play multiplayer. You can play different modes of game play, and these modes are:


  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Expert (Shown on multiplayer mode, hidden when playing on solo mode, unlock by clicking Cadence.)

Expert Level

The Expert Level is only available when you click on Cadence while choosing your game level. She will ask you if you really want to try the Expert Level, and you need to say yes. When playing in multiplayer mode, it is available in the difficulty menu.




  • There is a glitch that when you start the game there is a haiku that Cadence says.
  • It has its own power card in Card-Jitsu that seems to start out on an Easy difficulty and then quickly changes to an Expert level.

In Card-Jitsu.

  • There was a glitch one time when the text (Perfect to Miss, Combos) turned into Arial instead of the normal font.


Dance Moves

When players go to bigger combos or do very well they do better dance moves.

  • When the disco ball appears while you are dancing with the purple puffle (disco ball appears in 74 Note Combo), you turn around on your head and the purple puffle jumps on you like a plattform.
  • When you reach a 100 Note Combo (usually happens when you are playing the Medium Level), you start break dancing.
Dance contest moves

A Penguin dancing in the game: Dance Contest.

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