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DJ Maxx sprite

A close up of DJ Maxx

Full Name Disc Jockey Maxx
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position DJ
Appeared Penguin Chat 3
Color Red
Clothes Items Black Headphones
Related To Unknown
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? No

DJ Maxx's current player card

DJ Maxx (an abbreviation of Disc Jockey Maxx) was a DJ in Penguin Chat 3. He first appeared in the Night Club on May 5, 2005.[1] He appeared because the team was testing a new streaming music system.

He is possibly an NPC (non-player character) implemented into the game when changes to the Night Club were being made. His penguin could not be clicked, he had no Player Card, and never spoke.

DJ Maxx 53428963634

DJ Maxx with other penguins at the Night Club in Penguin Chat 3.


  • It is still unknown if he will ever appear in Club Penguin officially.
  • If you search his name in the new buddy list, you will find a red penguin named DJ Maxx with Headphones, the This Old Town Background, and the Tombstone Pin. This penguin is not a mascot though.
  • Polo Field said once in his Twitter account "That's a mystery that no one has solved yet." when someone asked about who DJ Maxx is.[2]
  • So far he has only appeared in Penguin Chat 3.

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