Crate Co.
Crate Co logo

Is it visible right now? Yes
Type Company
Where? Mt. Blizzard

Crate Co. is a delivery company located on Mt. Blizzard. Their main building consists of a clock tower with a large cannon protruding out of it that launches packages across the island. Post boxes can be seen at the far right of the building.


  • Targets will appear around the building every five minutes, and players can hit them by using snowballs. If the players manage to hit all targets, they will be granted with coins.
  • The Crate Co. Shorts are named after the company.
  • Some of the Quick Chat messages infer that the letters are delivered to the North Pole.
  • Gary is fascinated by Crate Co. and has been investigating where the deliveries come from.[1]
  • Crate Co. made an announcement about an issue with Marble Hunt in the 1.6.1 update that meant regular shipments of the game were halted.[2]
  • Crate Co. is the #3 crate-based shipping company in the world.[2]




Names in other languages

Language Name
PortuguesePacotes Ltda.
FrenchCaisses & Co
SpanishCrate y cía
German N/A
Russian N/A