Crabs Talk To Crabs
Crabs Talk To Crabs 2011 sign

The game's sign
Players 1
Controls Mouse
Minigame location Hidden Lake
Date released July 22, 2011

Crabs Talk To Crabs was a game that was playable at the Hidden Lake during Island Adventure Party 2011.


The game is made from 3 large clams that are placed in front of 3 platforms - 1 in front of each clam. Each clam has a pearl in one of three colors: red, yellow and blue.
The game starts when the player is wearing the Blue Crab or Crab Costume. A big crab that is standing in the back of the room is holding a sign, which says to watch the clams closely. Then the clams close their shell and constantly switch places for a few seconds.
Then an hourglass would appear next to the big crab and the crab holds a different sign, telling to find a pearl in a certain color. It is done by standing in the platform in front of one of the shells. It must be done before the time is up.
If the player picked the correct clam the game continues. If he didn't then the game restarts.


The game is completed once the player picked 3 correct clams in a row. When winning, the Commander Coat would fall from the ceiling to the upper-left side of the room, allowing the player to pick it up.


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