Not to be confused with the Pirate Translator 3000 and the Puffle Translator 3000.
Crab Translator 3000
Crab Translator 3000
Invented by G
Damaged by Klutzy
Located Gadget Room in PSA Mission 6

The Crab Translator 3000 was one of G's inventions, before it was destroyed. It was only used in Mission 6 to translate what Klutzy was saying. Unfortunately, Klutzy destroyed the machine by ramming the side of the cage, multiplying the noise till the machine overloaded, causing the machine to explode and destroying the cage that held Klutzy, allowing him to escape. After he escapes, you must chase Klutzy to the mountain where he eventually jumps off going to Wilderness, and back to his partner, Herbert.


  • It has an equalizer and three gauges.


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