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Boat Passing By - Binoculars

The Hydro-Hopper boat passing by in the Binoculars

Bino Fish

Fish hopping

Cove Binoculars Empty

Empty Binoculars

The Binoculars were found at the Cove. Penguins could see various things through them, depending on what event or party is happening on the island. The binoculars were a view of the opposite side of the island than the Beacon Telescope, which was located on the western side of the island.


  • During the Halloween Party 2007, Octi could be seen wearing a Clown Wig and holding a red lollipop.
  • During the April Fools' Party 2008, there was a constant day-night cycle.
  • The Hydro-Hopper boat can be seen through the binoculars.
  • Fluffy could be seen jumping out of the water.
  • Buoys were seen sometimes
  • You could see rain clouds in June 2007 and October 2008.
  • There was a huge Storm seen in the Binoculars in October 2008 that hit Club Penguin Island during the Halloween Party 2008. It is thought that it hit the Dojo the most because it was on mountains, and on the side of the Cove. During the party a buoy with a sign saying "Trick or Treat" could also be seen.
  • During the Adventure Party, there was a treasure hunt; in which in order to see what you collected, you had to click on the binoculars that were at the top right corner of the screen.
  • During the Festival of Flight, when you look out of the binoculars, you could see shaped clouds made by the Cloud Maker 3000.
  • During the Holiday Party 2009, the sky was dark and there were stars and the Southern Lights (Aurora Australis).
  • Before the Halloween Party 2010 penguins could look through the binoculars and see the storm approaching.
  • After you completed Operation: Hot Sauce you could see Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy.


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