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Players have a variety of colors from which they can choose for their penguins. When creating an account, the player is asked to pick one from 14 options for free. Further colors can later be bought from the Penguin Style catalog in the Clothes Shop for 20 coins each. A membership is not required for buying new colors.

Colors are essentially clothing items. However, they cannot be removed from the player card, and the player is only able to change colors. In the inventory, color icons are represented as colored blobs with eyes.


An early version of penguin colors from Penguin Chat 3.

Colors available

The colors are as follows, going respectively with the picture:

PenguinsBlue PenguinsGreen PenguinsPink PenguinsBlack PenguinsYellow PenguinsPurple PenguinsBrown PenguinsPeach
Blue Green Pink Black Yellow Dark Purple Brown Peach
PenguinsRed PenguinsOrange PenguinsDarkGreen PenguinsLightBlue PenguinsLime PenguinsAqua PenguinsWhite
Red Orange Dark Green Light Blue Lime Green Aqua Arctic White

Added colors

The first colors to be added after the release of Club Penguin were picked in color votes, where players picked a color from a small variety.

The first color vote was held in 2006, where Lime Green and Lavender were nominated. Lime Green won, and as a result the Lime Green Party was held.

A second vote was held in 2009, where the nominated colors were Aqua, Maroon, and- once again- Lavender. The winning color was Aqua.

In addition, Arctic White was released in 2012 without a vote, and was initially given for free during the Holiday Party.


  • When Club Penguin first started, colors were only available for members, but on November 1, 2005, they became available for non-members as well.
  • The label in the color page of the Penguin Style had originally read "colours", but was changed to "colors" by popular demand.
  • Before its renovation in 2012, if 10 or more players wore the same color, the Night Club's floor color would have the same color as the majority of players'.
  • Some colors, like Old Blue and Light Purple, were only obtainable in Penguin Chat 3.
  • So far, a new color has been confirmed, or planned to be released every 3 years. The first new color, Lime Green was released in 2006, the second one being Aqua in 2009, and the third one being Arctic White in 2012.
  • Arctic White is the only new color released without a vote.
  • Sensei Gray and Dot Lavender are the only unavailable colors which have a color value. This is because mascots use it on their Player Cards, being Sensei and Dot, respectively.
  • A message about unlocking an exclusive color was found in the files for Club Penguin app.[1]


Color icons

Mascot only colors

Glitch/Unused colors



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